Get Connected!

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Attending Sunday services is a wonderful thing. Being connected and engaged with other brothers and sisters in Christ allows you to fully embrace the efforts of the church. Life happens in groups. You can grow spiritually in your walk with Jesus and in turn help others become discipled. Groups allow you to meet the needs of others in hard times and in turn have that same support system when you are facing trials.

LifeGroups can bring such joy into our lives through fellowship, food, hanging out…and well, doing life together. A constant prayer within our church and churches across the globe is unity. Unity just isn’t Sunday mornings. It’s the other 6 days of the week too. And if we can be connected throughout the whole week, we can present the unity needed to share the Gospel to a world desperate to receive God’s love.

This Sunday will kick off our LifeGroup season so we want to encourage you to find a group or Bible study to get connected!

Pastor Blake Wilsford