Mexico Mission Update

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On Wednesday, Sept. 15th, a team of 12 LifePoint members will head to Vicente Guerrero, BC, Mexico to pass out My360 Shoes, and spread the good news of Jesus! They are excited to embark on this new journey. Several have never been on a mission trip before and several are excited to return to somewhere they have fallen in love with.

We are asking that you join us each day in prayer. If you would be so kind as to copy and save this list to reference later, we would appreciate it. We cannot post the prayers independently while in the country, so we want to post them now. The dates next to the specific prayer we are asking for that day. There are 15 different prayers. We want to be covered before, during, and after traveling. Thank you, again, for joining us on this!

9/7/21, Praise God that all finances came in so quickly. We were already on a short time frame, but the Holy Spirit moved, and people gave abundantly. When we give him our Yes, he faithfully provides a way. Praise his name!

Thank you for providing a way for us to serve.

9/8/21, Pray the rest of the team members, coming from Alaska, are wrapping up their final plans, finished getting their funds in order, and are preparing their hearts.

9/9/21, Pray for protection over everyone on the team, as well as all the families. Pray against any attacks that would hinder someone from attending the trip.

9/10/21, Pray for everyone’s health as we prepare to travel. We want only healthy bodies and minds to travel in just a few days’ time.

9/11/21, Pray for My360Project. We are thankful for the avenue to go and serve so we pray for blessings over this agency as they continue to go forth and serve the Least of These in various countries.

9/12/21, Pray for Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. It is a small agricultural area that no doubt sees a large of amount of poverty. Pray they are blessed by the new 360 factory that will no doubt provide employment.

9/13/21, Pray for hearts to open and receive us as we come alongside the families in Vicente Guerrero. Pray that we are prepared for all we will do and see there as well.

9/14/21, Pray for all the families. Traveling can be difficult, so we ask that we keep our families (staying in the US) in our prayers as they continue life while we are away.

9/15/21, (Travel, In Mexico, day 1) Pray for safe travels. We are not going far, but anything could happen. We will depart from LifePoint Church at 4:45am on the 15th and will head to San Diego. As soon as we arrived in S.D., we will swap vehicles and head south another 5 hours to Vicente Guerrero (about 1-2 hrs South of Ensenada). Pray that crossing the border goes as smoothly as expected. Pray against delays, upset tummies during travel, and any restlessness that happens with long car rides.

9/16/21, (In Mexico, day 2) Pray for other needs in the community to be revealed and fulfilled. God always makes a way, so we are praying for blessings upon Vicente Guerrero and the people that we serve.

9/17 & 18/2021, (In Mexico, day 3 & 4) Pray for the team. Going on a mission can be difficult for many so we ask for peace and unity during this time! Pray that we stay focused on the mission as well.

9/19/21, (In Mexico, day 5), Pray for any baptisms that will happen on the Beach, for longevity and strength, for God to continue moving in lives (within the team, but also in Vicente Guerrero).

9/20/21, (Travel, In Mexico, day 6) Pray for our hearts as we prepare to leave, and as we travel. Pray for safety, once again, driving across the border and in the long drive home. Leaving can be emotional so we pray for those feeling especially sensitive.

9/21/21, Pray for an easy transition back into life. Going on missions is not only fulfilling but is also emotionally exhausting for many. Pray they ease back into life without any problems or sense of overwhelming emotions. Pray they come home feeling like they can see God’s vision for their lives and where he is calling them next.

For more information about missions contact, Evan or Veronica Thiele at