Worship Night

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This Sunday night is our monthly worship night.

If you haven’t been to a worship night before, I encourage you to make this your first one. Worship isn’t just singing songs to the Lord. It’s not just an enjoyable time to enjoy music. Although both of those things happen, worship at its core is God’s people putting Him in His proper place in their lives. The place we truly belong is bowing before God’s throne, freely worshiping Him with our entire being.

And so, I challenge you to come ready and expecting. As you come to worship the Lord, make a conscious decision to prepare your heart, remembering what an amazing gift it is that we can even approach God’s throne to worship Him, and in fact, He desires that we do so. Lay yourself before Him as a living sacrifice, and expect Him to move mightily. For those that have already experienced truly worshiping the Lord, there really is nothing better in this life. We were made to be in His presence, praising Him and making Him the priority in our lives He is supposed to be. I look forward to worshiping alongside all of you this Sunday.

Joe Wegert
Worship Pastor