Movie On The Lawn Volunteers

Lifepointaz   -  

Tis the season for Movie on the Lawn, once again. LifePoint has been well known for our annual event where children come and build their own cardboard cars, decorate them, then kick back and enjoy a fun movie while reclining in their fully licensed and registered sweet, new ride. This year they will be watching A Bug’s Life.

To pull this off we need everyone to come together to put on this glorious night at the drive-in. We need assembly line workers for the automobiles, paint shop artists, MVD workers (preferably ones that can pull off the Roz impersonation from Monsters Inc. or the Sloth from Zootopia…not necessary but can be a lot of fun!!!), inspectors, set-up & tear down, security, and much more.

We generally have up to 200 kids parked in front of the big screen enjoying family, friends, and a good time. We will have a petting zoo and hayrides to start off our night. Festivities start off at 5:30 on Friday, November 12. Be sure to sign up on the LP App and be a part of this fun evening that brings such joy to kids and their families within our community.

Pastor Mike