San Carlos Work Day

Lifepointaz   -  

It has been several years since I was first introduced to the San Carlos Apache people and the great folks at Arizona Reservation Ministries (ARM) through an outreach mission with Lifepoint. Since then, God has blessed me and many others with opportunities to work alongside ARM and the Apache people. In each visit, God presents yet another opportunity for us to be His hands and feet, legs, and ARMs #DadPun.

On the San Carlos Apache Reservation, the churches and faith of the Apache people continue to grow with the help of ARM and groups like ours from Lifepoint. With this visit, a group from Lifepoint worked with ARM on the construction of the American Indian Church. Many of us had no experience working on a steel building before, but God never fails and equipped us with what we needed to make a difference along with the guidance of Dale and Vincent from ARM. I feel so blessed and thankful for the opportunity to help build the church piece by piece, or in this case beam by beam.

Thanks to the tithes and offerings from people like you, Lifepoint has been able to help support ARM in its many facets. ARM provides youth ministry to help grow the Apache children. ARM’s adult ministry encourages and empowers the men and women of God within the Apache nation. ARM and church teams like Lifepoint have built more than 37 homes with their homeless families and multiple churches with the Apache pastors.

I am looking forward to working alongside you and the rest of the Lifepoint team on our next mission trip to San Carlos. God bless!

-Andy Haas