A Time for Reflection

Lifepointaz   -  

Every time one year ends and a new one begins; we should take time and reflect on those things that are most important to us. If we see some things out of balance or an inordinate amount of time in areas that are not a top priority, we should be thoughtful about how we can make changes in the new year.

For the last seven years, LifePoint has taken the first month of the year to facilitate and participate in a season of fasting. Fasting has been used for years by God’s people to focus on what’s important, get clarity for areas of confusion and reestablish a connection with your creator. By removing food, the body’s necessity to function, it causes the perfect amount of discomfort to allow us to put into perspective what really matters in life.

As a church this year, we have been seeking God on what He wants us to focus on in the coming year and how to accomplish those goals. While we have always been a church that has stressed the importance of discipleship, we know that the Holy Spirit is wanting us to go deeper with making, training, and equipping disciples.

This Sunday I want to present before you different levels, so to speak, of a disciple at LifePoint. Our desire is to open a conversation between the pastors and staff of LifePoint and those who call LifePoint their “home” church. Whether we like it or not, we all use labels, descriptors, and titles to help us understand our place and to delineate from where we were to where we are going.

The official 3 week fast will begin on January 9th and go through the 30th. This will give us one week after Sunday to be praying and seeking the Lord to give us new eyes to see, & ears to hear what He is wanting for us. I pray you will be seeking Him this new year and look forward to walking the path of discipleship together in 2022.


Nathan Bentley