Disciples Serve in Church & Community

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God has given every one of us unique talents and gifts for us to use to build His kingdom. Individually we all are different but when we come together as one, we become the complete body of Christ. He has designed us to fit into the appropriate ministries inside and outside the church. Those gifts inside of us tend to ache to get out when we come to know Jesus as our Savior. They’re pounding on our heart and brain’s door to let them in, to allow those gifts to be exposed.

I know personally, I desired to serve so fervently once I found a church home. Whatever whole was missing in the church, I wanted to fill. The church met out of a school so there was weekly setting up and taking down. I would greet, be a part of skits on stage, work in pre-K and with the youth. I did everything but preach and lead worship. I couldn’t get enough! In my growth within God’s word, He started to refine and bless me with other gifts. I was blessed with teaching, which I didn’t see coming and later pastoring. As I was faithful with a little, He blessed me with more.

About a year and a half in I decided one Sunday that I was going to just stay home, watch football like I always used to love to do, and just take it easy. I HATED IT! I was aching for working side by side with my brothers & sisters in Christ. I missed the actual work of serving knowing it was benefiting God’s kingdom. I never did it again.

Where are you at in your serving? It’s not just in the church building. There are ministries within our neighborhood that are always in need of help. There’s that person on the side of the road, broken down. There’s the elderly neighbor who can’t quite keep up with their yard work. Do you find yourself too busy to help? Maybe their timing just doesn’t fit with your schedule. Perhaps you are one who serves their heart out and whenever there is a sermon about needing more help, you feel you need to add onto your load. We are all the body of Christ. Each one of us are a member, an eye, a heart, the hands, and feet. We the church must come together, completely as one for the full potential of His bride to build the kingdom of God.

Mike Shamburg
Associate Pastor