Fasting for Family

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We care so incredibly much about family. From your immediate members to extended, family is close to our heart. The relationships you have, vary with each person you call family, some good, some not so good. And so often, many relationships are non-existent due to a falling out, apathy, distance, differing beliefs and viewpoints, leading to years of not speaking to one another. Burdens we all, unfortunately, carry upon our shoulders.

As we enter our first week of prayer and fasting, our charge to you as pastors is to fast for those you consider family, to empty yourself physically, and to the Holy Spirit to consume you. And in those hunger pains, go before the Lord in prayer and intercede for your loved ones. Whether the relationship is strong or not with the various individuals in your immediate and extended family, pray on their behalf. Pray for them, and pray for discernment on how you, as a disciple, can be a servant leader in their life.

Pray for those that need to be pointed to God, pray for estranged relationships to be restored, and pray for new rivers and paths to form in the relationships you have within your family. Join us this Sunday as we kick off our church-wide fast, and explore the traits of a disciple as we continue to learn how to be a servant leader to those we call family.

Pastor Blake