San Carlos January 2022 Recap

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Before going on the San Carlos reservation mission I thought I knew what to expect. When we were given the orientation the word “hopelessness” was used a couple of times. I thought I would be familiar with the situation coming from a poor town in Mexico myself. But the reality sets in real fast as soon as you drive into the reservation. As we drove through the town to get to the church you could see the needs as well as the threats. Yet the new red building stands out like a beacon of hope on the church property, empty but full of hope.

I was inspired by the large group of Men there willing to help. I thought if we have that we have hope. Men willing to step up when God calls them to act. As I pounded a piece of 2 x 4 into the wall pretending to know what I was doing, I could do nothing but pray and be thankful for all of God’s favor. Pray for the building and those men and for the people that will soon be coming to that building to worship and praise our God.

Carlos Aguirre