Contend to the end

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This is the shortest writing of the New Testament—so short I hesitate to call it a “book”! There are only 25 verses and about 600 words in this writing from Jesus’ brother. For some reason, this short writing is often overlooked by many Christians, but it contains wisdom that is very applicable to us today. In fact, scholars have dubbed Jude “the most neglected book of the New Testament.”
As one of Jesus’ brothers, Jude (more accurately his name is Judah) can offer us a unique insight into the life of a Christian and what it means to persevere in our faith. We don’t know who the short letter is written to specifically, but we do know they are dealing with false teachers who infiltrate the church. These false teachers are largely apostates (someone who has fallen from the truth or never had it—Christian in name only) and their teaching treacherous.

This short writing can be confusing because it is steeped in Old Testament references. He makes references that seem to be odd and a bit out of place which is one reason why Christians tend to skim over his letter. Did you even know the Assumption of Moses was a thing?! What do we make of his use of Enoch? What about Cain, Korah, and Balaam—how does this apply to us today?!
Jude is clearly a Jewish believer writing to people who understand the Hebrew bible and way of life. But does this apply to Christians today?! The short answer is yes, of course, it does… and this week, we’ll unpack Jude to examine this sometimes-confusing writing and its wisdom for the world we face today. But stay tuned…it will bridge to next week as well!!