Pride, Humility, and Knowing God

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Pride is seeking recognition for what God has done.

Pride blinds us and causes us to promote the inferior when we were designed to promote Excellence.

God made us in his image and likeness and made us to be in continuous communication with him. We were made for great things, led along by the very Spirit of God! When we lose that line of communication, we will seek our own, short-sighted goals and our own beauty, pleasure, recognition, honor, and fame.

When our priorities are aligned with God’s, our lives are on track. We operate from a position of strength; we have confidence and peace because we understand the big picture. Our perception of success is not rooted in our personal ambitions but rather in the fulfillment of God’s priorities.

Come Sunday as we learn how to set aside inferiority and bask in the glory of God!

Jim Bentley
Minister, Pastoral Care