Summer Camp Recap

Lifepointaz   -  

YouthLife had another glorious week of summer camp full of the Holy Spirit working diligently in so many young lives. We once again teamed up with Cornerstone Scottsdale and Connect Church to put on our own camp. The theme this year was wrapped around the thought, “What to do with the empty grave.” For the students who have spent years in church and growing up in a Christian home, the verses and stories were something they all have known. The question was for them, as it is for all of us, has the Easter story and those next 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection truly changed how we live? Shouldn’t our daily focus be on Him and how we can serve people through our day, being an example of Jesus, how we need to continue to grow in our relationship with Him. Prayer should be a continuous conversation with our Savior, all through our day. Shouldn’t we all be coming together to build each other up in the faith and always savor the chance for collective worship of our Lord?

Our students were wrecked by His word, then built up in his grace and love. It was such a beautiful opportunity to witness and experience the life-changing moments so many students encountered. Nate, Josh and I thank you parents for allowing us to take your beloved children up the hill to the mountains for such a time as this, in their young lives. A BIG thank you for our leaders who made the journey with us as well. They were each a crucial part of the work God has done through your kids.

We added more churches this year as well. Epic and Calvary Chapel QC joined us. It is so wonderful the community we have and being able to grow together is such an awesome experience. We had a total of 49 high school students and 75 5th through 8th graders with the combined churches.

I would also like to thank those who helped sponsor students and for the entire church for their tithes as well. Our youth budget enables us to make a more affordable camp for the families of our community. We have many multiple student families attending which include foster/adopted and single-parent homes. Students that would not be able to attend a typically priced camp. Thank you!

I have taken kids to camp for over 20 years now and can I tell you? This year was the most amazing experience of the Holy Spirit working in students’ lives that I have ever been a part of. You always have great stories of individuals who have gone through a wonderful transformation at camp, but this year was something special. This year was an absolute blessing from God.

So church, you better tie up those running shoes or these teens/pre-teens are going to outrun you in this race for that crown that lasts forever!

Pastor Mike