Testing the Spirits

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This Sunday we will be looking at John 4:1-10, this section of scripture deals with an often difficult to understand or just mentally process the idea of testing the spirit’s as to whether they are of Christ or the antichrist. There is no sugar-coating it, religion is divisive, and it is most certainly the cause of many wars and destruction in the world. So, what are we to do? If we stand up and fight, we only add to the division and contention, if we sit back and stick our heads in the sand hoping for it to go away, we become irrelevant and cowards.

John is going to pull back the curtain to expose what is behind the division, and whether you want to admit it or not, there is a spiritual realm influencing the material. We all know it, which is why so many people are trying to, “get in touch” with it, or “tap in” to the power. We want immortality, knowledge, and power and will follow any spirit that promises any of these to us. John warns the church and says, “…test the spirit’s…,” don’t just take things at face value. Is what is being worshiped, spoken, or followed in line with the message, life, and Spirit of Jesus Christ, if it is not then call it what it is…the spirit of the anti-christ.

Take time this weekend and pray the Lord would expose in you any area where this antichrist spirit may have taken hold, this can be tv shows, hobbies, love interests, careers anything that begins to take the number one place in your heart. Come this weekend to LifePoint ready to worship the Lord together fellowship with the body and sing praise to the one true King, Jesus the Christ.


Nathan Bentley