LifePoint University Fall Kick-Off

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t just hang out at church after you drop off your kids at YouthLife and learn about the Bible? Well, now you can! Starting Wednesday, August 17, 2022, and running for 8 weeks we will take a dive into topics covering: how we got the 66 books of the Bible, why the 66 books are in there, and what happened during the time from the end of the OT to the beginning of the NT, and John’s Gospel. We might even cover some basics of Koine Greek too!

Pastor Chad Roche, MA will be teaching the class for ADULTS only! He is a passionate teacher of all things Bible and has over 100 graduate and post-graduate course work in theology and the Bible. While Pastor Chad is not full-time on staff, if you have any questions about the classes feel free to email him at