Philippines Update 2022

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As school is now back in session across our nation, a letter with a few cards in it from two students on the other side of the world came in the mail addressed to LifePoint Church. Monday, August 22nd the Barner Christian Academy in Davao City, Philippines has begun their 2022-2023 school year. These two little cards in this letter were thanking all of you, LifePoint Church, for the support they received for last school year.

I feel like I am well connected within LifePoint and participate in many things, and aside from knowing that we supported a mission in the Philippines, I did not know about any of the details. I was pleasantly surprised and blessed to read these thank you cards from the students that are being sponsored by our church. The photos here are of those thank you cards the students sent.

Here is a brief update from Paul Barner, our missions’ partner, on what the school is doing as of last week, “…faculty was transitioning with some new teachers to replace others who had gone on to greener pastures. The newbies are Charmie, Espenosa & Donna.

Charmie started her daily journal with, ‘I am going to wake up early because I am feeling full of excitement & curiosity of everything that I need to do in my duty.’ Her predecessor Violy guided her through the steps of downloading onto her computer the necessary files, since Charmie will be starting the year online & with hand-delivered worksheets, followed-up 3 months later with face-to-face classes.

After editing the files of Violy with revisions for the new school year, Charmie started printing enough worksheets for all of her students. With 60 students (30 in nursery & another 30 in Kinder-1st), she had to give the printing machine a rest so it would not jam up in the humidity.

Since it was Friday, the day ended with the end-of-week teachers’ devotional. Their prayer time included praying for us here in New York as well! ‘Oh Lord,’ began Charmie, ‘Please bless the Barner family, & also the people they speak with in churches across the United States, that they find more sponsors for the dozens of BCA students who are still unsponsored. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.’

563 sponsored students! 37 more unsponsored students to go!

Barner Christian Academy Faculty for SY 2022-23: Nursery & Preschool: Teacher Charmie; Kindergarten: Teacher Veolita; 1st Grade: Teacher Jezel; 2nd Grade: Teacher Espenosa; 3rd Grade: Teacher Donna; 4th Grade: Teacher Janice; 5th Grade: Teacher Jovelyn; 6th Grade: Teacher Romnick”.

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