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This week we are finishing up our series on The Four Pillars with our last pillar, Teaching. Our four pillars are the foundation to our mission here at LifePoint which is to make disciples and serve our neighbor. I hope you have enjoyed this series so far not just from an informational perspective but so that you can know what our purpose is here at LifePoint and how YOU can be a part of it. God has given you gifts and abilities to be used for the Kingdom.

This Sunday, as we talk about teaching, think about your favorite teacher. Why was he or she your favorite? What makes a good teacher but also what makes a good student?

We have no shortage of information at this time in human history. A multitude of sermons are but a couple clicks away. With information overload, truth is sometimes harder to find. If your source of truth is social media, family, friends, government, news or anything else but the Word of God, your foundation is on sinking sand.

We need to seek truth and be taught truth. Not only taught for information but application of knowledge is important once we hear truth. We will talk about how we apply a sermon to our life, what is a false teacher, and our response to truth when it confronts our sin.

Prepare for Sunday by reading Psalm 51. This is David’s response when faced with the truth of the sin he committed with Bathsheba (ref 2 Samuel 12). What do you see his heart posture as being?

Come Sunday expecting God to move!

Tim Ferrara
Executive Pastor