Movie on the Lawn 2022

Lifepointaz   -  

It was another amazing Movie on the Lawn this year and a BIG shout out to all the 50+ volunteers that made it happen! We had around 200 kids show up, plus their families, to enjoy creating cars, petting farm animals, taking hayrides, eating popcorn, and watching Despicable Me 2, a fun family themed movie. We had about the same number of kids as the year before but seemed to have more from the neighborhood this time. We are hoping and praying for those unchurched families to be drawn to God through this experience.

The volunteers were wonderful, and all areas seem to have run quite smoothly. Pinal County Sheriff’s Department had a finger printing booth that was a big hit. That line seemed longer than any of the food lines. There was plenty of laughter and young people’s voices and a feeling of fun throughout the church. It would have been wonderful to be outside under the stars but having less sniffles and complaints of being cold was a huge bonus for parents. It was once again a lot of planning, a lot of work but a lot of fun and a blessing to serve the families of our community. Thank you all for all your hard work.

See the recap video HERE.

Pastor Mike