A Prophet’s Struggle

Joe Wegert   -  

Whenever I read through Elijah’s story, there’s something that draws me in: his relatability. Unlike some other prophets, Elijah shows vulnerability, a lot of vulnerability. He comes before the Lord with his fears, complaints, and feelings. He experiences some of the most powerful public moments, such as raising a boy from the dead, defeating hundreds of prophets of Baal, and outrunning an army of chariots down a mountain. He even prays to the Lord to start and stop a drought.

However, Elijah also faces some of the lowest lows. At one point, he desires to die and expresses his desire to stop being a prophet, not just once but twice. In these moments, the Lord’s response to Elijah reveals the heart of the Father in a way that is often unseen. This week, we will discuss prayer and our relationship with God by examining Elijah’s struggles and prayers to the Lord. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

– Pastor Joe