A Calling to Belize

It’s always interesting to hear people’s testimony as they prepare to go on missions. Currently, our Belize team is fundraising and preparing their families. We took this time to speak to Ryan and Sabrina Corkill, one of the three couples going to Belize and asked them about their calling to go to Belize. Here are their responses.

I first found out about the efforts going on in Belize during the Men’s Retreat. We were introduced to Kenny and he gave an update on the successes they have had over the years. He also touched on the all work that still needed to be done. I found myself interested and moved by his presentation, though I didn’t give it much more thought once I left the retreat. Some time went by, and then Kenny visited LifePoint and talked during our Sunday service. He spoke about a mission trip to Belize to counsel married couples. I remembered the thoughts and feelings that I had during the retreat, and again felt called to go. I never told my wife this, but shortly after the presentation, she told me that she felt called to go as well. I don’t think that she expected me to be open to the option to go as this was completely out of the norm for me. We discussed it and decided we should give it some prayer. We stared to go to the informational meetings, and each time the calling didn’t seem to fade. We did have some major concerns as to who was going to take care of our 4 children, and how were we financially going to be able to afford the trip. We have talked it out with our family, and they seem willing to watch our kids. Financially we are still fundraising and setting aside some money that will be needed in our travels, but we seem on track to raise enough money.

Being a planner and someone that always needs to be in control, I have found peace with this decision. I have not stressed about the funds needed, nor the time. My wife and I both just started new jobs in the fast 2 weeks, and both were approved for the time off. I really have no other explanation but this is the will of God to go. – Ryan Corkill

When I was first called to go to Belize it was a whisper from the Lord. I nearly missed it. It’s so easy for me to be caught up in the “go, go” that I ignore how God is trying to direct my path. This time, I didn’t ignore the Lord and wanted to be faithful in discovering what this “Belize trip” was all about. I really had no idea other than it was a mission trip to Belize and little did I know, it was meant to enrich and encourage the sanctity of marriage within the Belizean culture. So, not only was I being led to go, but I also had to ask my husband if he would be willing to go. I was fearful, nervous and convinced he wouldn’t want to go because I wasn’t having faith that God already was at work within my husband. As I talked about the trip with my husband, he was receptive, listened, and said, “Ok, let’s pray about it.” I was not expecting that response! Actually, I was defensive right off the bat with why we had to go and almost accused him (before he ever responded) of not wanting to go. I laugh because writing about it now the conversation sounds ridiculous. Here I am trying to convince my husband to go on a marriage mission trip, but I am failing completely in my ability to trust the Lord in my husband’s response and communicate with my husband. Thankfully, my husband is extremely patient with me. We made it through the initial conversation, prayer and committed to the trip (at that point six months away).

My husband and I have been through some trials in our marriage and they’ve all been self-inflicted. Because of our sin, we nearly didn’t remain married. Only by the grace of God did we not only remain married but have been able to ask for forgiveness from each other and forgive ourselves for past mistakes. It is absolutely true that God heals what feels impossible to heal and forgive. I know that because of our past, God’s incredible miracles and love we can share how we got through some really painful moments. I can’t say we are perfect all of a sudden because if you took away anything from my first paragraph, we still struggle! Our marriage is a daily struggle of self-sacrifice, commitment to each other and making God absolutely first. My hope is we can take our past, present, and promise of future with us to Belize and encourage couples to commit themselves before God and each other and cling to the promises of God.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my testimony with the Belizean couples and my faith in Jesus. I would have never planned to go on a mission trip at this point in our lives. We are in the midst of some of the deepest struggles a family can go through. Our financial world has been turned upside down, we’re starting new jobs, shifting how the kids are cared for after school, trusting in God to pay our bills, and facing uncertain health issues. Every time we face a new battle I know it’s in preparation for what the Lord will have us do. I can’t possibly know how these trials will be useful in Belize, but I’m trusting that they will be for His glory and not our own. If I’m learning anything from our battles right now it’s that it’s all for His glory. I pray we continue to dig into His Word, pray together and take the hope that is Jesus with us to Belize and anyone else God puts in our path to share love and encouragement. – Sabrina Corkill

If you’d like to financially support the Belize team, please visit http://lifepointaz.com/give. For more information on supporting other missions email Evan and Veronica Thiele at missions@lifepointaz.com

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