A Harvest of Righteousness

A little less than 7 years ago I developed my very first sermon series designed for an adult audience. The title of the series was, “Grace & Truth.” As I was preparing to step into the role of a senior pastor, not a day went by that I wasn’t fearfully laying before the Lord and begging Him to help know what to do or how to lead. To say that I was in over my head would be an understatement. I had never led a church before and did not have a degree in ministry. If that same power that fell on those at Pentecost did not come and show up with me then this was going to be a very quick trip to southeast Arizona.

Upon finishing that series I closed with the following sentence:

“The truth is here at LifePoint I don’t want a bunch of
volunteers and leaders who feel ready, like they have it
together and can take care of any problem; I want people
who know that without God they don’t know how it will
get done.”

I can remember exactly where I was mentally when I felt God ask me to rebuild the ministry here at LifePoint with non-professional ministry leaders. To look at the heart of the man or woman and not their resume. This was and has been one of the greatest acts of faith I have ever endeavored. Currently, at LifePoint, there is not a single paid staff member or pastor that has been formally trained outside of their training through life and the leadership at the church.

This method grew the church to greater numbers financially, in attendance and impact in the community than it had seen in its previous 9 years. It also brought with it some tremendous pain, difficult situations, and growing pains not too dissimilar with that of a growing family.

While the philosophy of leadership and volunteers was an important part of those early days, there was one more nugget of wisdom the Lord gave me that I have continued to lead through, and that is, “Do not try and solve the tension that exists between grace and truth.”

This Sunday I want to bring us back to that principle of what it means to be part of a church that does not attempt to solve the issue of tension when it comes to balancing grace and truth.

See you Sunday in service or online.

Nathan Bentley

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