A place of their own

Church, we have great news to share. Eleanor and her 7 grandkids have found a place to stay!!! Many of you have been rallying to her cause and following the story of Eleanor who lost her daughter in December and was left raising 7 grandkids. One of the biggest needs was a place of their own.

The challenge was to find something that fit their budget and the number of people. They continued to get turned away and placed on waiting lists. Well, this coming Friday she will receive keys to a place that has welcomed her and the kids!

Thank you to everyone who helped financially, gave diapers, sent over housing leads and prayed fervently for God to intervene! They are only moving in with the bags of clothes they had in their last place.

Starting now if you have items to donate please bring them to the church. They could use beds, mattresses, bedding, small dining room table and chairs, pots, pans, towels and any other household items you no longer need. Again God is great and now this family can begin a new journey together.

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