A Priority of Generosity

It is so heartwarming and gratifying when generosity and giving are a priority in your life. Every year the tags on our Angel Tree here at Lifepoint church go rather quickly as so many want to see kids have a nice Christmas no matter the financial hardships the families are going through.

This year was different as 46 tags were unspoken for and not much time to figure out what to do. God came through in a big way! We received a phone call from a young man who had been convicted back in August at the men’s retreat that Christmas would be different this year. He thought it meant adopting a family or helping serve but clearly knew once he found out so many tags were left what he was called to do.

He reached out to his family including parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles, etc and rallied everyone to this cause and he offered to take all 46 tags so local foster kids would have a nice Christmas!!! Normally he and his family would get each other gifts but this year the giving of gifts will be to kids who need it most.

God is faithful and always delivers!!!

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