A Time for Change

We are currently living a once in mankind’s existence event…not lifetime, century or millennia, but a time that has not been seen by any other generation in history. I would have to imagine that God is doing something mighty and does not intend for us to just, “get through” this and get back to normal. No, I believe He is up to something very big and as always intends to use His church to lead the charge and the change. Of course, that means the change would have to start with us. It would have to start with His sons and daughters laying down their own pride, traditions, and idols and saying, “Whatever your will Oh Lord, make it so in my life.”

For a long time the church has not quite looked like the church we see depicted in scripture, we have mainly attributed that to us being more modern people and we have use of greater resources. However, whenever you see a new people group in our current world catch fire for Jesus, the church looks just like those first churches in the New Testament, people sharing resources, meeting in each other’s homes, uncle to contain their joy. This has made me stop, and begin to research why and how we moved away from a model where each believer has a responsibility to evangelize, use their gifts and host people in their homes for the instruction and knowledge fo Christ. This, of course, has volumes written about it over the course of time, but the general theme that seems to be expressed is an idea of comfortability and familiarity replacing suffering and awkwardness. Then, of course, you get into the financial gain that was placed on just doing all the work for the people and you begin to see how the idea of a big church gathering once a week for an hour came about.

I have said over and over during this time that this quarantine is grace from the Lord. No matter how it has affected you, good or bad, God is extending grace by giving us a forced sabbath. A time to think and examine our lives and reconsider what’s important to us. Let us not waste this time, wishing it away or watching Netflix. Let’s bow down before God and ask Him to show His body in America how to come into unity during this season and that we would rise up stronger and more like the body of Christ we see Paul exhort and implore people to follow.

See you ONLINE this Sunday, as I hope and long to meet together soon!

Nathan Bentley

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