A Word to LifePoint for 2019

“My people shall be willing the day of my power!” That day has come for those who are expecting it. Eye has not seen nor ear heard the things I have prepared for those who love me! They are the ones who have removed the limits in their minds. I am able to do exceedingly abundantly above anything you ask or think. Now is the time to ask! Ask for miracles! I have those who are seeking to know Me in the power of my resurrection and they will see that power released! Miracles are coming! Miracles beyond what you can imagine! Step out and take a risk when I speak. 

I’m using the ones you would least expect to do mighty works. The weak to confound the mighty that no flesh should glory in my presence. I’m even raising up children. 

There’s a global movement of worshippers who worship Me in Spirit and Truth. Just as David, they’ve had a glimpse of My Power and My Glory in my Sanctuary. They shall see my power and my glory bring greater transformation and healing!

Have I not said, “I will restore all things”? This will be a year of Restoration! I am looking for those who will declare restoration as they minister My Gospel! 

I will restore the broken one and bring my sons and daughters back to Me! I’m raising up an army with compassion in their heart to bring in a great harvest for my people shall be willing in the Day of My Power!