A Word to LifePoint for 2020

“This will be a year of New Beginnings. New ministries and churches will be started. Many new beginnings as prodigals come back and many others receive my love and Salvation for the first time. Many children will come and be filled with My Spirit.

Yes, this will be a year of Clear Vision. A year I will give Eyes To See and Ears to Hear what I’m saying to the church and my sheep.

The fog is lifting and you will see the path I have for you!

Haven’t I spoken “I will Restore”? This will be a Year of Restoration. I will restore hope, I will restore strength, I will even restore broken relationships.

Many have felt they are in a “holding pattern” like a plane ready to take off. This year you will accelerate and take off into the destiny I have for you!

Hold on to the dream and vision I’ve given you! Remember, I’m your Creator! I call those things that are not as though they are! The words I speak shall accomplish what I send them to do!”