All the Poor & Powerless

“We serve an all-powerful God!”

That is a line many Christians will quote and proclaim in times of trouble and uncertainty, we use it to encourage other believers when they are struggling with understanding or going through a difficult situation. However, do we really believe it?

Jesus, all throughout His ministry was more interested in seeing his power, as God, working through people, than he was showing off what he could do. This is especially evident in John 6 and the miracle of Jesus feeding the masses with just a few loves of bread and two small fish. It is the only miracle along with His resurrection, that is recorded in all four gospels. This is important because of what this story teaches us about the sufficiency of His power and how He chooses to use it.

This Sunday we are going to be looking at what the Power of Jesus Christ is all about and how to receive and partake of that power. Please take the time to read John 6:1-14, and ask God to humble your heart and mind to see what it is He is challenging His disciples and teaching all of humanity through the story of the loaves and fishes.

Nathan Bentley

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