April 2019 Haiti Medical Mission Highlights

LifePoint MissionsI knew that it would be a good week when I felt the Holy Spirit‘s presence surrounding us as we landed in Haiti. As we traveled to very endemic villages in northern Haiti, our cohesive team of 12 walked in the midst of the Holy Spirit every step of the way. We provided medical care, love, hope, prayer and even a little evangelism. Our team was comprised of one Physician, two Nurse Practitioners, four Nurses, and five non-medical / pharmacy team members. In addition to the 12, we also worked closely with our five translators and driver. We started every day with devotionals and ended every day with team time, prayer and individual testimonies. Many people may find it difficult to understand why I invest so much of my time, talent and tithe to continuously return to Haiti in the form of medical mission trips. I can only answer that question by referencing the Holy Spirit. “Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it” (Mark 16:20). This is the why behind what I do. The Holy Spirit is exactly like Jesus and comes to complete the work that Jesus started and is available to anyone that is obedient to God. The book of Acts confirms this. We don’t always know the magnitude of what God has in store for us but I guarantee if you open your eyes and if you listen to the still small voice of God, you will be granted access to the Holy Spirit who will work through you and in you. This is what happens in Haiti.

Our team traveled to the villages of Pillatre, Haute Dehaine, Lory, Defou, Riviere’ Sable where we worked alongside the village Pastors who have such an amazing love for their people. We were able to treat approximately 160 patients each day for a total of 730 patients with 40 additional prescriptions filled and at least eight people who gave their lives to Jesus in the prison in Haiti where we provided medical care and ministered. This trip was especially unique because we were able to treat another American missionary who was on site in one village where we were providing medical care when he severely lacerated his finger. Yes, we even suture in the wilderness! We also found ourselves in the right place at the right time (I like to refer to these as God moments) when we had the opportunity to consult on a very dire situation involving the partnering church’s lead Administrator which resulted in her being flown to the Dominican Republic for a higher level of care. During this trip, we were able to teach three high school students who are aspiring to be Physicians and Nurses in their country as they traveled to the villages with us during the week.

As the only American medical team that is allowed to provide medical care in the prison, it is surreal to think that the prisoners now recognize us because they have waited six months for that little light of ours to shine once again in their lives. They anticipate the love, prayer, human kindness, physical touch and Haitian Creole bibles that we offer to them with each visit. The visions that God provided to some of us were fulfilled in the prison and at least eight people gave their lives to Jesus in the four hours that we were there. In one cell, stating that “they have nothing to offer us”, the men sang a worship song to us in Haitian Creole to thank us for visiting them and praying over them. Sadness filled my heart as I peered into a cell full of adolescents but the sadness was quickly replaced with faith as their eyes filled with hope and anticipation as we taught them about Jesus and provided them with bibles to learn more about Him.

The absolute highlight of the trip for me was when our Haitian Medical Team Coordinator Willeme surprised the team by reuniting us with a man whom we had prayed over at the prison in April and October of 2018. Wanthiou was sentenced to life in prison. After a lot of faith, prayer, and re-evaluation of his case, he was released. He immediately gave his life to Jesus, was baptized and credited the American medical team as his “angels”. Little did we know that it was being set up for him to serve alongside us all day in the village of Haute Dehaine. He acted as a translator for us as we cared for patients and also prayed with us over the patients that we treated. The miracle may not end here as we have asked that he become a permanent member of our translator team moving forward. His story is much bigger than cell # 15.

A medical team from Life Point will be returning to the southern part of Haiti in September 2019 to carry on this ministry. We ask for your prayers and support to continue this great work.

Becky and Wanthiou

This little guy is waiting for his turn to receive care

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