Belize Van Testimony

While the world is devastated by COVID-19, Pastor Kenny Welch, in Belize, was hosting a small event in his home. It is not uncommon for Pastor Kenny and his wife, Una, to host events at their homeUna’s mission and heart rest with the youth in their community. She has been mentoring and working closely with several teenage girls. On June 24, 2020, while hosting 7 teenage girls from the community, Pastor Kenny’s church van was set ablaze

Pastor Kenny said, “All we could do was to stand and watch the van burn as we waited for it to be extinguished. The flames from the van spread and destroyed all the lawn chairs and other seating that we had in front of the house. There were also minor electrical damages to power wires that ran outside the house. Because the house is concrete, thankfully it didn’t suffer much damage apart from the black debris that stuck to the walls and was carried inside the house by the wind.”

This act of arson hurt the community deeply. It’s not a simple church van. The van was utilized by the entire community! The Gales Point Church is the only light shining in a very small, dark corner of their world.  The arson was a clear signal to Pastor Kenny that his hosting events, teaching the youth, and preaching the Gospel are not welcomed by some. Several of the community members tried to speak out about the event but Pastor Kenny insisted on continuing to show God’s love and mercy by staying and serving where God has called him. 

First things first, how can Pastor Kenny afford to replace the van? David and Angela Noel, our resident Belize traveling missionaries began a Go-Fund-Me account to help gain some traction on the $13,000 price tag. LifePoint and Living Streams, both financially support Pastor Kenny, had already begun talks about how to best support the purchase of the van. Within 4 days the van fund was not just fully funded but had an excess of $1400! Praise God for his provisions! What a true blessing this way

It was not the simple $10 here and $50 there that made them reach their goal so quickly. Let’s not dismiss the fact that those smaller donations lead the way to people sharing the fund and spreading the word about what happened. Also, sharing a piece of the Gospel since to know Pastor Kenny is to know his heart for GodWe are forever grateful to all the donations, big and small. However, the truest testament of God’s love came from a stranger upon seeing their daughter’s post on Facebook.

“My life dramatically changed when a long-promised trust fund that I was not sure would ever come through distributed to me. My husband saw my daughter’s post about the van and he knew this is what we were being called to do! Much love to the Belize community… a reminder that we are only stewards of what is the Lord’s and that only He is really in charge of.” – Jenny H.

We cannot thank Jenny and her family enough for helping Pastor Kenny reach his goal in just a few short days. Praise God that Jenny listened to God’s call to share such a blessing.

Living Streams is also sending Pastor Kenny an additional van. The Noels will be driving it down to the Port in Texas for delivery soonThere is no doubt that God has his hands on Pastor Kenny’s work in Gales Point, Belize. We will continue to support and pray for Pastor Kenny as we prayerfully await international travel. 

If you’d like to watch the news coverage of the fire, please visit

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