Beyond Blessed

In March of 2018, I was in a motorcycle accident. To my surprise, after I got out of the hospital, I learned that my insurance was not willing to pay the majority of the hospital bill. The reality of this situation is that now, at 19 years old, I had acquired $42,000 worth of debt, and I worked at a pizza place.

I battled with the insurance for months until I relented and hired a lawyer. The lawyers believed they could significantly reduce my debt and maybe even get me a settlement of around $3,000-$5,000.

I did not want to waste whatever money that would come my way, so I promised God that I would either use this money for my relationship with Him or for the furthering of his kingdom in whatever way He desired. I had no idea what He would do.

The Joshua Wilderness Institute is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains about 90 minutes from Fresno, California at Hume Lake. At Joshua, students live in a small dorm (more like a big cabin) as part of a one year academic and spiritual program. A friend of mine had been to Joshua and speaks all the time about the amazing revelations, education, and relationships he developed during his time there. A thought was placed in my mind and a desire in my heart to attend Joshua and further my relationship with God. But at $16,000 and with no student aid available, I couldn’t afford it and the settlement would not be enough to cover all of the tuition.

Just before Christmas, I received the phone call from my lawyers saying that the settlement was ready. I walked in, sat down, and they put the settlement check in front of me which read $16,762.00. I was a mess of emotions!

I longed to attend Joshua to further my education and become stronger in my faith with no way to pay for it, and after making a promise to God that would use it to further his kingdom left it to faith and trust in Him. I needed $16,000 to attend and God gave me not only the $16,000 for tuition but a little extra to cover other expenses while I’m gone. Then while visiting Joshua a few weeks ago for an orientation, and exploration, I was offered a job at Hume Lake!!

I cannot wait to get up there and start this journey God has placed in front of me!

Caleb Griggory


    1. Great testament confirming Our God is Great and faithful to those who are faithful to Him.
      So Happy for the outcome for you Caleb and praying for Gods safety and protection for you in your new adventure walking with Him.

    2. Avatar for lpcreativearts Veronica Thiele : January 11, 2019 at 2:55 pm

      Praise God! What an amazing testament of God’s love and provisions. Praying for you on this new journey, that he protects and guides you along the way!

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