Bread & Temptation

When teaching us how we ought to address God Almighty, Jesus tells us to call him father. When showing us the importance of the Father in our lives, Jesus tells us to hallow His name, make it ultimate and sacred above all others. Then he tells us what that means practically in our lives by reminding us whose purposes or “will” we should be pursuing. Only after all of the above can we then get to the next part of speaking with the Father,“give us our daily bread, forgive our sins and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

These two lines of The Lord’s prayer are possibly the most crucial and most misunderstood of what Jesus was showing us. They are crucial because they are the actions of a life submitted to everything that has come before, they are the outworking and the practical next steps to understanding the blessedness and righteousness of the Father. They are misunderstood because all too often man seeks these promises without first taking hold of the previous verses. We interpret our needs based on our desires and we interpret temptations and evil as anything inconvenient or harmful.

Would you take some time this week and read Luke 10:38-11:13. As you read these scriptures pray the Lord would reveal to you how much He loves you and knows you. Ask Him to show you what it means to be His child, what is granted to you as a child of the most high. Most importantly just be in continual dialogue with your Father this week.

Nathan Bentley

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