Bright orange vests and cool runway style flashlights!

Good day fellow LifePointers! It is I, your fearless Shepherd Nathan Bentley calling out with my 2018 Shofar, email, to ask you to partner with us this Christmas Eve and help in an area that is so important yet has few, if no volunteers.

The parking lot ministry. We need people in bright orange vests and cool runway style flashlights to direct traffic, wave and smile as newcomers make their way to our property this Christmas Eve. It is so vitally important that the hundreds of new people attending feel welcomed and directed where to go from the moment they drive onto our campus. if it has been a while since you have been to a new church I can tell you that you forget how unsettling it can be to walk in and try to make yourself at home with a brand new set of people.

So, with that being said, would you consider attending a Christmas Eve service and then serving the parking lot ministry in another? If you are able to help us in this most certainly it will be jewels in your crowns in heaven. Also, if you are able to help you can email Pastor Mike Shamburg at

Peace, and Merry Christmas!
Pastor Nathan


    1. Will there be church on Sunday the 23rd ?

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