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Buckets of Wisdom

In James 1:5 we are told that if we want wisdom it is real simple to get…”just ask”. Proverbs tells us that wisdom is so readily abundant that it shouts in the streets. So, why then, do so many of us lack wisdom?
I believe the key to that question starts in James 1:6, “…let him ask in faith without any doubting.” Isn’t that really the struggle? Believing in faith that the wisdom I ask God for is being given to me. Setting aside those voices in my head that tell me that I am unworthy, or that I am incapable of implementing the wisdom of God. What happens when the wisdom of God goes in stark contrast to what we believe to be wisdom? Will we trust that He still has our best in mind or will we rely on our wisdom for the situation?
These questions have been circling around in my head most of this year. Since the beginning of the year when I asked God to let me see a miracle and to learn more about the heart of the Father in regards to physical and spiritual healing I have struggled with my ability to ask in faith and have no doubt. Pastor Blake’s sermon last Sunday was such a great segue into studying James chapter 1 because it causes us to come face to face with our doubts of who God is and how He will act in our lives. 
I encourage you to read James chapter 1 this week and pray fervently that the Lord would show you what it means to have wisdom poured out generously in your life.
I will see you Sunday.
Nathan Bentley


    1. Avatar for lpcreativearts Mary McKinney : June 10, 2018 at 8:16 am

      This is wonderful you have blessed me again. In my own life, I asked the Lord several times for the supernatural gift of healing. He spoke to me telling me I could not handle healing people and I understood because I knew I would want to go and heal everyone in the hospital and who I knew was ill.

      He explained to me that I was healing as I ministering to them with the supernatural gift of healing by using it in teaching, life coaching, and praying for them and with them. I had His peace and I now am comfortable with this form of the gift.

      I have learned that as Mark 11:24 says, “If you believe you shall have it.”, the person asking for healing must also believe. Jesus did not say when we would receive but believing all the while that we will receive it will be given. We might receive it in Heaven but he never lies.

      Sometimes, I think people only have faith in our ability and not in the Lords. I also believe that we should only ask once, believing and then the next time we want to speak to God about it we should thank him that it is coming.

      Hugs, Mary McKinney

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