Calamity Dave Strikes Again

In 1953 Warner Brothers Pictures released a movie called Calamity Jane. Doris Day stars in this comical story about Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. No matter what she does, Jane seems to fall into calamity, thus her name. Jane means well, but it didn’t always go as planned.

LifePoint is not the setting of a recent calamity but is part of the story. Picture this, Monday, August 10th, it was a soothing 112 degrees outside in San Tan Valley. After a chaotic day of work, LifePoint volunteer & LifeCare coordinator, David Noel, and his daughter set off to grab a pallet of water donated from our Hunt Hwy Walmart and deliver it to Genesis Project in Apache Junction. The pallet of water was secured with plastic wrap and loaded by forklift onto David’s truck. And they were off!

Everything seems to be going fine when, on Ironwood, they hit a bump. Literally. They hit a bump and lost half of the load of water all over the road! David quickly pulled over to begin grabbing the now open cases of water from scattering across all of Ironwood! I’m sure San Tan Valley would have appreciated a quick cool down given that we haven’t seen many monsoons this season. However, this was not what David had in mind. Kristie (his daughter) frantically jumped out of the truck to help gather the water that was rolling all over. In an effort to clean up swiftly, she shouted, “Can we just throw these in the backseat?” While holding several broken, leaky, water bottles in her hands. It’s scorching hot; they are scrambling around Ironwood gather up dozens and dozens of water bottles! Cars and trucks were zooming by, some driving over water bottles, sending hot, grimy water flying all over clothing and vehicles. Wow. They must have been thirsty at this point! If only they had a moment to stop and take a drink. It’s not for lack of water in this case.

In all fairness, God’s graces were with them because 4 cars stop to help them gather the water, to which David thanked and explained they were donations to Genesis Project. One lady even donated a tote bag to help gather bottles in! Golden stars and jewels on their crowns in heaven for sure!
After it was all said and done, David and Kristie hopped back into the truck and arrived at Genesis Project to finish delivering the waters. Can we say that “David’s water broke on Ironwood?” Sure. We probably could, but it sounds better to say that those passersby were given the chance to serve a community project they may have never heard of!

While we had a good laugh at the delivery event, we are so thankful for Calamity Dave and his huge heart, big truck, and ability to overcome! Genesis Project is grateful for the donations towards their current need for water and jam/jelly. They help provide food to the homeless community located in Apache Junction and the surrounding areas. Each day Genesis Project gives approximately 60 sandwiches and 250 water bottles out at their facility. This is a true need, and in this heat, the water is definitely appreciated (even if it has a bit of road rash)! If you are interested in supporting Genesis Project, please visit their website ( or their Facebook page (

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