Called out of the comfort zone

“Does it not stir up our hearts, to go forth and help them, does it not make us long to leave our luxury, our exceeding abundant light, and go to them that sit in darkness?” – Amy Carmichael, 1867-1951, missionary to India.

Going on a mission is hard. It’s not easy to leave your family, your bed, your daily comforts to see the world, even just a small section of it, through God’s eyes. When God called me, and you to be faithful, he called you to get out of the comfort zone.

With the media scare on COVID-19, previous disruptions on the island of Haiti, and personal fears, it takes everything we have as missionaries to move forward in faith. Believing that God is in control and will do what is best for the Kingdom, no matter our personal agendas and fears, is what faith is all about. None of us are promised tomorrow, but we are all called to serve. If we choose to use our time on earth to glorify God by serving others, allowing God to move us and them, then our lives will be better, as will the Kingdom of God.

Now I’m not saying to be reckless about things. But I am saying that you must use some serious discernment, asking the Lord to continue to guide you, as he most likely always has. Believe that he is leading you where he wants you! Have faith in Christ’s love you and for the rest of his children on earth. Tim Ferrara nailed it on the head in his book, Everyday Discernment, when he said, “Christians cannot make their plans and then ask God to bless them. Having discernment sometimes requires you to understand God’s will for your situation before you take action.” Be bold in stepping forward and giving God your yes! Tell God that no matter where he leads, under whatever circumstance, that you will follow and have faith in Him!

– Veronica Thiele, Haiti Medical Team Missionary

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