CCB Update

We are excited about the rollout of CCB so far. It has allowed us to communicate better and organize our groups in a way that is easier to not only manage them but also communicate with the church. If you haven’t logged in yet or updated your profile (with picture) please do so. You can go to and click “request access” to log into your profile.

Once you have a profile, here are some things to keep in mind to take advantage of the software fully:
See your giving- keep track of your giving statements and updates throughout the month
Look for public forms, these are ways to sign up for groups, request prayer, and ask to volunteer. These are constantly changing so check back.
Check out the public groups that you can request to join if they are something you are interested in.
Look at the church calendar to know when things are happening and if you want to join them. Keep in mind this calendar is not fully updated with all church activities like the one on our website is.

If you have any questions on CCB please reach out
Tim Ferrara
Executive Pastor

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