Compassion Queen Creek 2020 was a great success!


Last Saturday was the 10th Anniversary of compassion Queen Creek. Despite the virus scare, it was a great success. The event served 300 people of the community with medical, vision & hearing appointments while the dental will set up future individual appointments at a later date. They held back from the community event due to the virus scare. On top of all these great services, many social service providers were present as well. 10 churches were a part of the event, which of course included LifePoint. There were 400 volunteers throughout the day who served everywhere from parking lot attendants to medical assistants.

LifePoint volunteers served throughout that spectrum. Our biggest area LP people served was the breakfast tables that were set up at the main entrance, the volunteer check-in, and the main common area. Many filled the role of “life connector”, which is one who directs the guest to their appointments, gets to know them on a more personal level and prays for them before they move on to the many social service booths. We had others in medical as well.

This was a glorious day of God’s church serving the needs of the community. All the various tribes coming together as one in Jesus’ name. All for His kingdom.


Pastor Mike Shamburg

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