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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ministry that is more dynamic than Compassion Connect. Most people in our area have heard of the Compassion Queen Creek Clinics that serve the area in medical, dental, and other necessities, held once a year in Queen Creek, but many may not know about the other ways Compassion serves the community.

On Saturday, July 17th several ladies joined me for a Compassion Connect event called The Art of Compassion. This event was featured in July 29th’s LifePoint newsletter where Shyanne Dumas recalls her attendance and speaks a bit about the purpose of that event. My point in sharing that with you is to say that until that evening, I didn’t realize there were so many facets to Compassion Connect! They truly do connect the community to a multitude of resources.

One of those break-off groups, if you will, is the Compassion Youth Mentor program, formerly known as the Adorned in Grace Design Studio (see video). They opened their doors in Arizona in 2018 and have been blessed to watch God grow this ministry that targets young girls who could otherwise find themselves victims of human trafficking. While we spoke with them at The Art of Compassion event, I was so touched by this ministry that I knew LifePoint needed to partner with them.

CYM is taking the prevention model of Human Trafficking and putting it into practice right here in San Tan Valley. I will not go into the details of human trafficking or even what needs to be done to stop it, other than to say that having a good mentor, someone that can share God’s love with you, is truly a game-changer for many of these young ladies. Since opening their doors, they have seen a wonderful and steady growth of local teens. They have decided to now expand and offer mentorship to young men, allowing them to take part in breaking the cycle. The young ladies and young men are not lumped into one group. They are kept separated because each group has tailored lessons.

CYM meets once per week, on Tuesday nights, and is looking for mentors (willing to commit to 1 year of volunteering), craft/project facilitators (coming and going based on their craft or lesson), and meal partners (those willing to come to feed the teens dinner).

Mentors come alongside the youth, ages 9-18, to teach some of the basic life skills that children from happy, healthy homes learn naturally: manners, respect, polite and appropriate conversations, how to dress, etc. It is simple and isn’t necessarily a lesson as much as a role model. These teens aren’t always taught to use proper etiquette to speak correctly and with respect to one another and adults.

Facilitators are essential to keeping the weekly programs running smoothly. They come in and teach two 45-minute sessions to the kids. For the young ladies, they could teach sewing, crocheting, knitting, cleaning, cooking, flower arranging, personal hygiene, self-care, self-defense, painting, jewelry making, or any other talent or craft you would like to teach these young ladies. The options are truly endless! We all say that domestic skills are a dying art, so this is your chance to pass on your knowledge. The same goes for the young men. They need honest, Godly role models!

Meal Partners are also a need for CYM. They would be responsible for coming in and providing the meal for teens, approximately 10-15 people. Currently, they use the meal opportunity as a way to teach the girls to pray, practice good manners, and really embrace their roles as women of God.

We are excited to come alongside this mentoring program. We are asking you to join us by praying for them, volunteering as a mentor or facilitator, or providing a meal.

– Veronica Thiele

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