Compelled To Share His Love

How has your week been going? Have you found it any easier to pray only giving praise and worship to the Lord? Have you found ways to present your requests before the Lord in a way that worships him and does not ask of anything? I know it’s not easy…but keep going, fight through the lie that you can’t or just don’t have the time. A quick example of this concept from me this week…I was having to haul a truck bed loaded down and trailer load of trash to the dump with a truck that I didn’t know if it would break down or if the load would shift and spill out on the road. As I was leaving the house with some trepidation and nervousness in my heart I started to pray, as I usually do when I am doing something crazy, started asking for protection and safety. I immediately stopped myself and started thanking the Lord for the ability to drive the truck, the availability of the truck and trailer, the health to lift it all, the eyesight to drive, and thank Him that He was going to safely deliver it to its destination. The rest of the drive was peaceful and filled with joy, no nerves, no anxiety…thank you, Lord.

This week we will be starting a new Series titled; Compelled.

This series will be based on the verse written by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:16, where He speaks of his inability to NOT preach the gospel, that since his salvation it is almost as if he no longer has a choice, he does, yet he describes the feeling as being compelled!

We will be doing something very different this Sunday, maybe different than you have ever done on a Sunday morning, so keep praying praise and worship to the Lord. Like the child that doesn’t ask if there will be dinner, but asks, what’s for dinner? Go before the Lord with an expectancy of what He will do on Sunday through your life and the lives of those coming to Him for the first time.


Nathan Bentley

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