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We’ve all heard it, getting old is no fun. Sometimes we are young in age, but we feel old in our bodies. Age is definitely just a number but every once in awhile our aging body competes with our heart and mind. We find ourselves limited physically but yearning to participate in something bigger. However difficult this is, many of our congregations have decided to not let that hinder them from participating in mission work! They are seeking alternative ways to impact those on their hearts; they are getting creative!

In the last month, we have seen 2 different women’s groups do what they can to support mission work, locally and overseas. These ladies range in age and abilities but they did not let them stop them from doing what they were called to do, serve.

The first group of ladies, led by Nonda Brown, gathered items to bless our local San Carlos partner as they put on a small annual women’s retreat. The gathered items went into goodie-bags to bless the ladies during their weekend. No thank-yous were asked, and no recognition required. They felt the call to bless this community and they did in a big way! On behalf of the San Carlos community, we thank you for your willingness to serve!

The second group of ladies has a different sort of story. They are lead by a LifePoint attendee, Darlene Miller, and below to a community sewing club. This group has a mix of participants, some are believers and some are not. Darlene is the only LP member in the group. A few years ago God put it on Darlene’s heart to use what talents she has to be able to help serve without the physical travel. It was then that she reached out to her local sewing group to assist her with a few items for children, and it grew from there.

“The first year we sent 50 [pillowcase dresses] to an orphanage in Mexico. Last year I gave some to Dan Young to take to Uganda, and some to Becky [Haas] to take to Haiti. Last Friday I gave another 30 to Becky. I have about 10 left and more will be made and sent with Angela and David Noel [heading to Belize in May]. I am attempting to make feminine pads to send with Becky too.”

Darlene and her group have worked to create many, many dresses. She admits that while some have stopped helping, many of the ladies have taken upon themselves to continue to donate their time and talent. They may not be believers yet, but the Holy Spirit is stirring inside of them for sure!

“I won’t send anything that is not perfectly fit for my own granddaughter. I just think of everything we have and how fortunate we are here in the U.S., and you know, it’s just sad that they have to go without. I love the idea of the little girls having a pretty dress to call their own.”

To that, I say, “You are so correct, Darlene. We are so fortunate here. I know that while it probably breaks your heart to not travel, you are doing a wonderful and noble job of providing a lasting blessing in the young girls who receive your dresses, and also those in your sewing club!”

For more information on getting involved in missions, contact Evan and Veronica Thiele at

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