Damned if You Do… Damned if you Don’t

This week we will be closing out this series intended to prepare your hearts and minds for the idea that God is wanting to move his church from the prominence of the preacher and the building to the emphasis of the congregant minister and the home. Hear me out now, I am not saying that we are dismantling or throwing out the model of communal corporate worship. I’m not saying that gathering in large groups is wrong or no longer needed. I am actually calling each of us to a more active role that will require more responsibility and more investment on the part of the believer.

This is going to take your relationship with Jesus and those in your community to a level you have hoped for but not known how to attain. This is going to cause you to rely on the Lord’s Holy Spirit for His words to be pouring out from you and His love to be your go-to and not the fallback plan.

I am hoping this is breeding in you, an excitement that is continuing to grow week by week. If thoughts of doubt or inability to carry out this initiative plague your mind then I encourage you to bring them before the Lord and ask Him if those thoughts are from Him. If they clearly are not from Him then it is high time we learn to rebuke thoughts that would hinder the work of the gospel in our lives and our community and press into the calling He has set forth.

This week we will be studying and using Matthew 11 as a backdrop for our conversation. A lot has happened this week in which we see evil showing it’s cards and rising up in a way that causes many Christians to shrink back in fear when in reality there has been no better time than this to move forward with strength.

Nathan Bentley

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