Elder Elections

It is that time of year again where we have 2 elders who have completed their 3-year term and we are looking for nominations for 2 new elders. The role of an elder at LifePoint is a vital responsibility both in the business of the church and the spiritual oversight. An elder is an extension of the pastors to the people of LifePoint, they will visit congregants in the hospital, homes, and workplaces. They are praying over the needs that are submitted and going before the Lord for the direction of the church. They are examples of what can be possible when you submit your heart and life to the Lord. They are by now means perfect, just covered in the blood of Christ and walking humbly with Him.

If you know someone in the church who meets these qualifications you can send in your nomination via email to info@lifepointaz.com or fill out a paper form on Sunday and drop it in the silver bins. Below is the list of qualifications for a man to be nominated to the Elder board:

  • Cannot be nominated by self or spouse.
  • Elders must have attended LifePoint for at least 3 years.
  • Elders must be participating members of LifePoint.
  • Must have volunteered in a significant capacity and led or participated in a Small Group for at least 1.5 years, preferably in a leadership or coaching role.
  • Must have capacity, flexibility, and availability to serve in the Elder role.
  • Elders need to carefully read the qualifications laid out in Titus 1, and asses if they are in line with what is required.

Nathan Bentley

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