Ever Faithful

I want to start the new year off by giving you a brief overview of how the final 5 months of the year turned out for LifePoint in regards to finances and increase. By the end of July things were looking very bleak, with lower than expected-giving in the spring months and much lower giving in the summer we were in a spot where God was going to have to move mightily if we were going to move forward…and He did!
At the end of July, I wrote a letter to the congregation through the newsletter and spoke briefly about the situation the following Sunday and that was it. From there God began to move on your hearts and provide in unbelievable ways. Where we were sitting at a deficit of more than $45K at the end of July, we ended the year more than $100K above budget. This has allowed us to replenish our savings, and have a healthy operating budget.
Not only did God provide financially, but he also provided one of the coolest additions to the property in the 15,000 sq. ft. of turf that is now available where there has been just dirt for the last 10 years. Thank you, Lord! He provided the needs in the lobby to make it more of a place where you can get connected, know what’s happening in missions, see who the pastors, staff, and elders are, and sit and enjoy some coffee and read a book in the reading nook. He provided LED lights in the sanctuary that will save us thousands of dollars a year in energy costs and provided the lights virtually for free.
I know all of this is not just so we can stay where we are but is to be put to use in growth into our community and reaching out to the lost that are all around us. I just want to say thank you to all who gave in 2019 and encourage you to join is in what God will be doing in 2020. I get the feeling we are just seeing the tip of the spear of what He is doing.
Nathan Bentley

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