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Dear LifePoint Family,

Over the course of the last 6 years, I have seen God move in absolutely miraculous ways in this community and this church. I have watched dozens of marriages saved from the brink of divorce, I have seen men and women at the very bottom of their lives, give them to Jesus and rise up and do wonderful things for the work of the Kingdom, we have had the honor of watching God move on the hearts of STV people and have sent hundreds on mission trips and opened their eyes to the plights of others and how they can have such a huge impact. I have often felt unworthy to be called pastor and yet at the same time unbelievably grateful and humbled by God’s use of my life.

I tell you all of this because I need to let you know that LifePoint’s financial situation is in a bit of a crisis.

Last summer I sent out a letter in June asking for continued giving through a seasonally low time of giving here at LifePoint. While some gifts came and we were able to carry ourselves through the lower giving summer months, we still needed to offset our finances with $40K from our savings. This left us with $30K in savings that we have not touched until this month of July.

Our monthly budget is $77,500, we have built this budget with very little variances as we are seeking to be good stewards with every penny that comes through our doors. We typically bring more tithes and offerings in through the winter and spring months however this year we brought in just a little more than budget. In July we had $60K given which is about $15K below budget.

In June I put a spending freeze on any non-essential materials in order to be wise in the month of July and I am happy to report that we reduced spending by about 10%. However, this still leaves us woefully short and having to access that savings and leaves us in a very desperate spot.

I am writing this letter to ask you to join us in fasting and prayer this Monday through Wednesday…we will be doing a sun-up to sunset fast asking God to bring in the first fruits and finances that we need to continue to do the work of the ministry. The church will be open from 12-2pm each of those days if you wish to come in and pray in the sanctuary or walk the campus and pray.

***We will still be in the marriage series this week but I wanted to take this platform to let the LifePoint family know the needs we currently have.***


Nathan Bentley

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