From Farm to Community to Table

Our family recently had the pleasure of visiting a local community outreach that is unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed before. King and Queen Farm is nestled on 5 acres of land near the corner of Germann and Ellsworth. This is not just any farm. This farm is owned and operated by Amadeo Church, located in Queen Creek after they acquired 5 acres of land. Instead of using this land for their own gain, Amadeo has given this land back to God! The vision has changed and morphed over the course of this expansion, as it is an ever-growing process, but the main focus has always been the same, “to serve our community.”

We came alongside the D’Ambrosio family to help harvest some of the goods grown on the farm this past Saturday night. Not only did we learn that this adventure is a church-wide project, with congregants in charge of various sections of the garden, but we also learned that the food produced and given out goes all over the valley! There were dozens of veggies to harvest: squash, onions, garlic, peas, zucchini. Not to mention the countless other vegetables waiting to go home. According to Lacey D’Ambrosio, it goes to anyone in need. The harvest often goes to Amadeo Church on Sunday morning but anyone is welcome to join Lacey on Harvest nights. In fact, they often have too much produce and have to seek out those in the community that can take it or would like it.

Lacey says she spends approximately 4 nights a week on the farm, mainly just caring for the garden. She claims to not know much about farming but definitely has a heart willing to learn. “God doesn’t just call the equipped. He equips the willing!” The D’Ambrosio family has given up a few things in order to listen to God, but they seem more than happy to do so. “What was I going to do? He placed a farm on my heart.” And so, the family farms together, even the youngest of her children ran around enjoying the dirt.

A small chunk of the 5 acres is dedicated to the growing of vegetables and a vast majority of the land is waiting to be developed. With the small chunk, they have going reaching communities all over the valley, at least 4 other local churches visiting and accessing these resources, we are seeing God move. But can you imagine the impact for God’s Kingdom when all 5 acres are fully functioning? What a blessing indeed!

Like us, Amadeo has many resources available for our community (Vineyard Pregnancy Center, Re:Store Food Boxes, Women’s Outreach). If you would like to learn more about King & Queen Farm, or Amadeo Church, you can visit them online at or and on Facebook at @kingandqueenfarm

Working as the Hands and Feet of Jesus,

Evan & Veronica Thiele
Missions Directors
LifePoint Church

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