Future Focused

Vision is an interesting concept. Everyone has a vision of some sort in their life. If you are a parent you have a vision of what you want for your children, if you are a business owner you will have a vision for what your company can become, if you are a social justice advocate you will have a vision for what can make your community better, and if you are a pastor you are given vision for the people of your church/family, neighborhood and community.

However, vision is difficult, because it always requires patience and awaiting for future events. In my experience it is even more difficult when it is something that God has put in your heart and given you a passion and desire to see come to fruition. Because His vision is infinitely greater than mine and yet He entrusts us with the responsibility to carry out His will and plans. Crazy! The vision God gave me 5 years ago, when I came out here, was to become a viable healthy church and to do this through service to our community, intentional focus on relationships and discipleship in the church and a deep dive into missions work.

In hind-sight, I believe we have done this well, all though not perfect, we have made a difference in the above mentioned areas.

Now what?

That is what I will be sharing this Sunday as we move forward to reach the unbeliever and the marginalized in our own backyard. God has been breaking my heart for what breaks his more and more, and as I seek that vision it is incredibly exciting to see doors to opportunities just open before us. Please be praying this week for God to share this vision with you and break your heart for the community you live in.

See you Sunday!

Nathan Bentley

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