He is Worthy

This Sunday marks the beginning of the month of August. For us Arizonans, it typically has meant children back in school, hotter, humid weather, and long prayers for, Oct./Nov., to come quickly. This Sunday will mark a new sermon series that will last for the 5 months in August, where we will be discussing the importance and separate distinctions of Sunday morning corporate worship compared to all other forms of worship. Much of Paul’s letters to the churches revolve around how they are conducting corporate worship and his concern’s regarding their understanding of how special that time is.

There are really five main elements to the time of corporate worship. Those are:

1. Songs of Worship
2. Tithes & offerings
3. The Preaching of God’s Word
4. Communion
5. The invitation

Each of the above elements is acts of worship unto the Lord. When we take any one part of the service and ignore it or feel it does not apply to us, we miss out on the full blessing of that time. So often, we look and say I’m just here for the message, or the songs, or to take communion but check out during the other portions of the service. All of the elements of the service work together to bring our hearts and minds back to what really matters in life and in our decisions for the week.

As a pastor, whom the Lord has set apart for the work of ministry, it is a heavy responsibility to conduct these services every week and lay before the Lord all the planning and thoughts we have for the service because if His Spirit is not there, none of it will matter. It is at the core of who we are as the leadership of LifePoint church that our congregants will know, understand, and apply the truths found in the Gospel of the importance of our Sunday morning worship.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Nathan Bentley

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