Hello, my church family!

Bonjou, fanmi legliz mwen an! Mwen tounen soti nan nèf semèn an Ayiti. Mwen te sonje yo anpil! (Translation: Hello, my church family! I am back from nine weeks in Haiti. I missed you all so much!)

It is nice to be back and see everyone. It is very hard though because Haiti completely stole my heart and became my home in those nine weeks. I got to create many deep and intentional relationships with the community. The people in the community I lived in and the church I attended became my family. I was adopted as a Haitian after the 4th week when multiple people started calling me Haitian (because I learned Creole very quickly, dove deep into the culture and community, ate/enjoyed the native dishes, wanted to do all the local things, and wasn’t afraid of things most white people are). I went all in, got so much out of this summer, and was blessed beyond measure. I can’t even start to come up with the words yet to adequately describe my experience.

This all happened as I was living and serving in a small town called Peredo, but my main job, with the two other interns, was to lead short term teams during their week with us in Haiti. That came with a lot of responsibilities, including: being the mediator between cultures and languages, making team members comfortable, building positive relationships with them, problem-solving for them, making sure they had what they needed to make things go smoothly, taking the short end of the stick, jumping in wherever there was a need, etc. We had six teams all together from different states in the US: one general team, three VBS teams, a surgical team, and a mobile medical team. Together, we shared the Gospel with over 600 children (combined from the weeks) and fed them afterwards in 2 different locations, one that had never had a VBS before. We performed many surgeries, wound care, and consultations. We traveled to places without medical care and saw over 400 patients in 3 days, praying with almost all of them before they left (a few didn’t want it when offered). We painted 3 school buildings so they are nice and ready for when the kids return. We also did multiple other projects that needed to be done around campus. So many incredible things happened this summer through Haitian Christian Outreach that I was extremely blessed to be part of.

Me being there, serving daily, sharing the love of Jesus with so many people, and being part of tons of amazing things God did, would not have been possible without LifePoint people! I had wonderful support from so many of you through prayer, funding, reaching out to check up on me, letting me talk things out, keeping my stuff, letting me park my car for 2 months, and more. I cannot thank everyone enough for that! If it wasn’t for you being obedient and faithful to help send me, I wouldn’t have made it there. Thank you for allowing God to use you in those ways to advance His Kingdom.

Bondye beni ou! Mwen renmen ou e Jezi renmen ou anpil! (God bless you! I love you and Jesus loves you so much!)


Rebecca Rivers

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