Hope Fulfilled

As Christians we are asked to “give God everything,” and when we are first saved from sin and death, we sincerely do our best to do just that. However, over the course of time, we become distracted and forgetful of this promise we made and the desire that drove it. The successes and failures of life begin to weigh down upon us and the flesh begins to beckon us back into the things that formerly filled our time. Waiting on the Lord can be difficult because it requires us to deny the visible for the hope and life of the invisible.

This is a constant problem we see throughout life, not just our relationship with God. We focus on the visible food and hunger and ignore what is going on inside our bodies, we focus on the needs of today and do not save for the needs of the future, we want love right now, without first preparing ourselves to be in a self-sacrificing relationship. This is what the Bible calls the flesh vs. the spirit. This is also why Paul includes self-control in the list of the Fruit of the Spirit.

This Sunday we will be looking at the Lives of Simeon and Anna which are recorded in Luke 2. These are two people who were given a promise from God and never gave up on it. As you pray and prepare yourself for the services this Sunday I want you to think about something God has been showing me recently…

If I do not give my time, talent, and tithe to the Lord then where is it going, and if these are things that He requires of me, then what is happening to those things which are His, when I do not bring them to Him?

May the God of Peace speak boldly to you as you enter into His house of worship.

Nathan Bentley

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