Hosting the Presence

Without prayer there can be no relationship. I have become convinced that my time alone with God in prayer is the single most important aspect of my life. So why is this not the most sought after time of every christians day, mine included? It’s a difficult question to ask but a simpler one to answer. Christians do not give the time to prayer they need to, because they do not understand the nature of relationship with God.

No matter how many times we hear that it is not about rules or morality there is still a sense that we must please God with our good actions, behavior or thoughts. The relationship is then based on how we are doing with God in those respective areas.

God has been walking me through a difficult time through this first week of fasting and prayer. It is one of constantly seeking His presence every moment of the day and in everything I do. It, has been astounding to me how selfish I am with “my” time and how counter-intuitive it is for me to give it all to God. It is easy to talk about giving your day to the Lord or spending 20 minutes worshiping God through songs that tell him I am giving Him everything, it is another thing to be mindful of it every waking moment.

However, the Lord has made it clear to me this week, that if I wish to see a greater measure of His Spirit poured out on this church and in this neighborhood and valley, it will start with yet another death to self.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we study and learn about hosting the presence of God in our lives.

Nathan Bentley

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