Housing needed

A couple of weeks ago we introduced the story of Eleanor. A grandmother who lost her young daughter and was instantly left with raising 7 grandkids, 3 of which are in diapers. You met her as we brought her on stage to share more of her story and we, as a church, rallied to her cause. The support and help were incredible! One of those needs was finding a place to live.

They are currently living with relatives right here in Copper Basin and unfortunately, the situation has become urgent. July 31st is the last day they can be in that house due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

Church, we need your help in finding a place, temporary or permanent, for Eleanor and these grandkids to lay their heads down at night. Please, send us any leads you have, any places you know are vacant, or any rooms you have to spare! The family is so grateful and trusting of the Lord and we know the miracle will come through in His timing. Please send all leads to blake@lifepointaz.com.

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